Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shah Alam and Bukit Larut

So I'm heading to Shah Alam this weekend before I start my job on June 1st. Apartment room doesn't look too inviting but for RM280 a month inclusive of water and electricity, I guess I can't complain.

And about that hill. Apparently some genius inked some agreement to build a cable car up there. May I ask what benefit does it bring the people of Taiping? This isn't Langkawi or Genting where there's a large tourist population to begin with! If these bozos think a freakin cable car's gonna change all that, I'll say they're pretty stupid. Most visitors to Maxwell Hill either comprise of morning walkers or nature lovers who treasure its pristine and rather undeveloped, natural environment. A monstrosity like a cable car system won't be a boon, but a scar on the beautiful hillside. So I think I represent a majority of my fellow Taipingites when I say: keep your grubby hands off our hill, you stupid politicians!

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